High molecular weight transparent polystyrene resins with superior impact strength


The high tensile strength of MW is achieved through our proprietary macromolecular technologies. It is a well-balanced polystyrene resin, with a high tensile strength as well as good moldability. Overturning the traditional understanding that PS resin is “hard and brittle”, this product’s applications have been expanded to include large packaging cases (and the like), advancing the world of PS resin and becoming a synonym for ultra-strong PS.



CD cases, DVD cases, recording media related items, refrigerator trays, pet cages, miscellaneous articles, toys, food packaging etc.



Product name Melt Index g/10’min   Flexural Modulus MPa Izod 23°C J/m Vicat Temp (1 Kg) °C Applications / Markets
 GPPS Styron 666H                                          8.0  3100-3240  11-16 99.0  Media enclosures, Disposable cups
 GPPS Styron 678E       11  3500  86-93  Thin walled containers co-extrusion cap coating.