BOPP Adhesive Tapes

AMA Group. is one of the leading names in BOPP Tapes manufacturing industry in Egypt.


Being one of the leading manufacturers of BOPP Tapes in Egypt, we offer complete range of products. We have the latest equipments to ensure excellent quality of the Tapes. Our Tapes are distributed widely in the free zones of Egypt and exported mainly to European Markets


The BOPP Adhesive Tapes are used for packaging, it is consumed daily in large quantities by all industrial and commercial organizations. From packing courier covers and bags to packing of pharmaceutical cartons, every where, the self adhesive tapes are consumed


We are providing High Quality Long-lasting BOPP packing Tape, With a Competitive Prices.


It is consists High glue to stick the Cartoons long time, Suitable in Various Width& Length for machine and hand dispensers use.




  • excellent adhesion to surface
  • Strong grip
  • Oil resistant
  • UV resistance
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BOPP Tape Specifications:

Base Material Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP)
Adhesive Acrylic water based adhesive.
Colores Brown, Transparent, Yellow
Thickness varies from 23 Microns to 50 Microns
Widths 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 42mm, 48mm, 60mm, 72mm, 84mm, 96mm
Lengths 60m, 100m, 300m, 500m,60 yards,100yards

We are providing various sizes as per customer’s requirement.